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Multiple selections within a field

Multiple selections within a field, i.e. allowing several values from a field, can be made in a number of ways:

  • Position the cursor in the list box and then drag it over a number of field values while pressing the mouse button.
  • Click the first field value to be selected, then Ctrl-click each additional selection.
  • Click the top item to be selected, then Shift-click the bottom item to be selected. This way all the items in between will be selected. However, if the sort mechanism is on, the first selection may cause the order to change, which makes it difficult to make a correct second selection.
  • Confirm a text search and the press Enter. This will result in all matching field values being selected. By keeping the Ctrl key depressed while pressing Enter, the selections from the text search will be added to previous selections.

To deselect a previously made additional selection, Ctrl-click it.

If you have made multiple selections in one list box, and make a new selection from the available optional values in another list box, some of the selected values in the first list box may get excluded. However, when the selection in the second list box is canceled, the previous selections will, by default, be recovered.

Multiple selections are normally interpreted as a logical OR, which means that QlikView will find a solution that is associated to either one of the selected field values.

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