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QlikView lets you rapidly develop and deliver interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards. QlikView and the game-changing Associative Engine it is built on, revolutionized the way organizations use data, putting BI in the hands of more people than ever before.

If you are new to QlikView, you can start from here: Getting started with QlikView.

Working with QlikView

Learn how to create and build QlikView documents to analyze your data, and how to prepare them for others to use.

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Deploying QlikView

Find information on how to plan and deploy QlikView Server, including installation, upgrades and backups.

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Administering QlikView

Find information on how to configure and manage a QlikView site using the QlikView Management Console (QMC).

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Extending with the QlikView APIs

QlikView can be extended in many different ways. You can create your own data connector with the QVX SDK, and build extensions, mashups and Windows applications.

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