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Upgrading and migrating QlikView Server

When you upgrade QlikView Server, you can either upgrade on the same server, or you can upgrade and migrate to a different server. This topic outlines the steps you need to follow to upgrade to a newer version of QlikView Server, and includes the steps for migrating your installation, including certificates, to another server with a different machine name.

This documentation describes how to upgrade and migrate an installation running QlikView Server 12.00 or later. If your installation runs QlikView Server 11.20 or an earlier version, see: Upgrading and migrating QlikView Server from 11.20 to November 2017 or later. For a description of how to upgrade QlikView Desktop, see: Upgrading and Updating QlikView Desktop.

At the upgrade, shared files with the .Shared file name extension are not automatically converted to .Tshared files. For more information on how to convert files, see Cleaning and converting the shared files. All bookmarks and user objects in shared files are preserved during the upgrade.


If you use Qlik NPrinting, your Qlik NPrinting version must be equal to or higher than your QlikView version. If you are upgrading to QlikView May 2023 IR, you must upgrade in parallel to Qlik NPrinting May 2023 IR or later. For more information, see Upgrading Qlik NPrinting.

Best practices

For a successful upgrade of QlikView, take the following basic practices into account:

  • Ensure that you have created an appropriate backup of your QlikView Server installation. For a detailed list of the files and folders to backup, see Backup and upgrade preparation.
  • Perform the upgrade during a scheduled downtime. All QlikView services must be stopped for the upgrade to be successful.
  • Licensing information and settings are saved by default when QlikView Server is removed. They are applied to any subsequent installation of QlikView Server on the system.
  • Ensure that you have a valid maintenance contract before upgrading your QlikView Server installation. Attempting to upgrade without a valid maintenance contract will result in limited functionality of QlikView Server. See: Maintenance contract on upgrade.

  • If Digital Certificate Authentication is used for communication between QlikView services, the new certificates created during the upgrade must be installed on all machines, except for the machine running the QlikView Management Service (QMS). See: Updating certificates.

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