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App overview

When you open an app from the hub, you arrive at the app overview. This is where you see and manage all the content within the app. The content of the main area depends on what category you have selected: sheets, bookmarks, or stories.

If the hub has been disabled by your administrator, you arrive at the app overview when Qlik Sense starts up.

You find content that is part of the published app in the upper part of the main area. You cannot add any content to the base part of the published app. Your private content is displayed under My sheets/My bookmarks/My stories. Depending on access rights, you may be allowed to publish your private content so that other users of the app can explore it.

Information notePublishing is not supported in Qlik Sense Desktop, which means that you only see your private content in the hub when using Qlik Sense Desktop.

App overview

App overview.

A: The toolbar

The toolbar contains the navigation menu, the global menu, and the app name.
UI item Description

Global menu.

You can select App overview or Open hub. However, you cannot open the hub if it has been disabled by your administrator,

In an unpublished app, you can select Data manager, Data load editor, or Data model viewer.

In a published app, you cannot select Data manager or Data load editor. This is because you cannot add data to a published app. However, if you are the owner of a published app, you can select Data model viewer.

Your other available selections depend on whether you select the Data, Analysis, or Story tab in the top toolbar.

For example, you can add data from the global menu after you select the Data tab. You can download, delete, or duplicate a sheet after you select the Analysis tab, and so on.

Additionally, you can select the online Help, Qlik Sense About, and enable Touch screen mode.

For more information about tabbed browsing and the global menu, see Navigating using tabs.


Show or hide app information, where you can choose to edit app information or open app options and style your app.

Prepare your data. You can select Data manager, Data model viewer, or Data load editor.

The options are not available in a published app, unless you are the owner of the app. In that case, you can only open the Data model viewer.


Analyze your data. You can select Sheet or Insights.


Tell a story with your data. You can select Storytelling.

B: Create new sheet button and view toggles

You can create new sheets, and toggle between grid and list view.
UI item Description
Create new sheet Create a new sheet.
Grid View Toggle on grid view.
List View Toggle on list view.

C: Display sheets, bookmarks, or stories

Select whether to display sheets, bookmarks, or stories in the main area.
UI item Description
App objects Access to all sheets in the app and to creating a new sheet.
Bookmark Access to all bookmarks in the app.
Story Mode Access to all stories in the app and to creating a new story.

D: Sheet details

Click the title of a sheet or a story to display its details, such as publish information and description.

E: Private sheets

You can reorder and change title and description of private sheets and stories. You can also publish, edit, duplicate, and delete them.

Touch gestures

Touch gestures used in app overview
Action Description
Long-touch and drag Move an item to a new location.
Long-touch and release Open the shortcut menu.

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