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Storytelling view

Tell stories to share your data insights with an audience.

Click Storytelling under the Narrate tab in the navigation bar to create or open a story.

Storytelling view

Storytelling view.

Taking snapshots

Right-click on a visualization in a sheet to take a snapshot. The snapshot is saved to your snapshot library, which you can access from the sheet view or the storytelling view. You have to be in view mode to take a snapshot.

Take snapshot dialog

Take snapshot dialog.

For information on adding a snapshot to a slide, see Adding a snapshot to a slide.

Creating new stories

Click Story ModeStories and then click Create new story.

Create new story button

Create new story button.


Using storytelling tools

Click a tool in the storytelling toolbar to add snapshot and effects to the slides in your story.

Storytelling toolbar
Storytelling toolbar.
Story tools
UI item Description
Snapshot Snapshot library with all your taken snapshots.
Text Text objects with different text styles.
Shapes Shapes library with a variety of shapes.
Effects Effects library with a set of visual effects to apply to your snapshots.
Image Media objects with different types of media (such as images).
App objects Sheet library with sheets in the app which can be inserted as live data sheets in your story.
Snapshot tools
UI item Description
Unlocked Lock the snapshot.

Edit the snapshot.

For more information, see Editing slides and Changing a snapshot's appearance.


Replace the snapshot.

For more information, see Replacing a snapshot on a slide.

Playing stories

Play story button

Play story button.

See: Presenting stories

Touch gestures in storytelling view

The table describes the touch gestures that are used for navigating in storytelling view.

Touch gestures for navigating in storytelling view
Touch gesture Description
Tap Highlight a data point in a snapshot by applying an effect.
Double-tap Edit a text object or an image.
Long-touch and release Open the shortcut menu.
Long-touch and drag

Move a slide to a new location in the timeline.

Move an item on a slide.


Scroll the list in the snapshot library.

Go to the next or previous slide when playing a story.

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