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Qlik Sense at a glance

Qlik Sense enables you to explore your data freely, moving along your own path to insight. You can use Qlik Sense and the Qlik associative engine in your enterprise, in the cloud, on your device, or embedded in your own app.

Qlik Sense – Product Tour

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Qlik Sense Enterprise is the full version of Qlik Sense, supporting a full spectrum of analytics use cases on a multi-cloud platform. This includes self-service data visualization to empower users to explore data, guided analytics to align users to a standard business process or workflow, embedded analytics to enhance websites and applications, and custom analytic applications to support specific business processes or use cases.

Qlik Sense Enterprise can be deployed on combinations of on-premises and cloud sites, all within a fully governed, self-service oriented environment that provides scalability and trust for your organization.

Qlik Sense Enterprise includes a containerized multi-cloud architecture, enabling you to deploy entirely on-premises, in a private cloud, and/or in Qlik’s hosted cloud.

  • Using Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, you can continue to deploy on-premises and in the cloud.
  • For a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you can use Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, and deploy entirely in Qlik’s cloud.

You can distribute Qlik Sense apps to cloud environments, using Qlik Sense Enterprise multi-cloud capabilities.

You create apps in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and set policies so they are distributed to your cloud users. In the cloud environment, users can use the apps, and use and create collections.

Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment examples

Qlik Sense Business

Qlik Sense Business is a SaaS solution that brings the power of Qlik’s third-generation analytics platform to groups, teams, and businesses that want to quickly operationalize analytics and make data-driven decisions. They can easily co-develop applications, share insights, and grant groups of users access to create, edit, or interact with content.

Qlik Sense Business

Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop is a Windows application that gives individuals the opportunity to use Qlik Sense and create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports, and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag-and-drop ease. Its use requires Qlik Sense Enterprise server credentials or a Qlik account.

Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app

The Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app is an application that can be installed on an iOS device. When connected to a Qlik Sense Enterprise server, individuals can download Qlik Sense apps, and then view those apps offline.

Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app

Qlik Analytics Platform

The Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) is a product that provides enterprise IT and ISV application developers the ability to develop custom analytics apps, embed Qlik Sense content into operational apps and portals and create or extend new types of visualizations through open APIs within other environments.

QAP includes the Qlik associative engine, a range of APIs and SDKs that are built on open and standard web technologies, Qlik Dev Hub, a developer workbench, and the Qlik Management Console for configuring and administering a Qlik Sense site.

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