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Drop table

One or several QlikView internal tables can be dropped from the data model, and thus from memory, at any time during script execution, by means of a drop table statement.


drop table  tablename [, tablename2 ...]

drop tables [ tablename [, tablename2 ...]


Information noteThe forms drop table and drop tables are both accepted.

The following items will be lost as a result of this:

  • The actual table(s).
  • All fields which are not part of remaining tables.
  • Field values in remaining fields, which came exclusively from the dropped table(s).

Examples and results:  

Examples and results
Example Result
drop table Orders, Salesmen, T456a; This line results in three tables being dropped from memory.


Load * Inline [

Customer, Items, UnitPrice

Bob, 5, 1.50




LOAD Customer, Sum( Items * UnitPrice ) as Sales

resident Tab1

group by Customer;


drop table Tab1;

Once the table Tab2 is created, the table Tab1 is dropped.

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