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Loosen Table

One or more QlikView internal data tables can be explicitly declared loosely coupled during script execution by using a Loosen Table statement. When a table is loosely coupled, all associations between field values in the table are removed. A similar effect could be achieved by loading each field of the loosely coupled table as independent, unconnected tables. Loosely coupled tables can be useful during testing to temporarily isolate different parts of the data structure. A loosely coupled table can be identified in the table viewer by the dotted line and arrow. The use of one or more Loosen Table statements in the script will make QlikView disregard any setting of tables as loosely coupled made before the script execution.


Loosen Tabletablename [ , tablename2 ...]

Loosen Tablestablename [ , tablename2 ...]


Either syntax: Loosen Table or Loosen Tables can be used.

Information noteShould QlikView find circular references in the data structure which cannot be broken by tables declared loosely coupled interactively or explicitly in the script, one or more additional tables will be forced loosely coupled until no circular references remain. When this happens, the Loop Warning dialog, gives a warning.



SELECT * from Trans;

Loosen Table Tab1;

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