Creating a connection and selecting data

To select and load data from the Qlik Web Connectors, you must have access credentials for the data source that you want to connect to. Once you create a connection and authenticate it with your access credentials, it is stored under Data connections in the Data load editor.

Creating a data source connection

From a new or existing Qlik Sense app, open the Data load editor.

Do the following:

  1. Click on Create new connection.
  2. Select Qlik Web Connectors.
  3. Select the Source type.
  1. Click on Create new connection.
  2. Select the source type for the connection.

Authenticating the connector

Once you have selected the Source typesource type, you need to authenticate the data connection by logging in with your account details. This allows you select data from your social media or web-based data source and stream that data into your Qlik Sense app.

Do the following:

  1. Click Authenticate.
  2. Enter your account login credentials.
  3. Copy the OAuth authentication token and paste it into the connector dialog.
  4. Click Verify.
  5. Enter a name for this connection.

After you finish creating the connection, it will appear in the list of Data connections. Click ± to open the data connection and select your data.

If the authentication token has an expiration date, you will need to re-authenticate the connector before it expires. You will not be notified before the token expires. The expiration date is displayed under Account details after you verify the authentication token.

Tip: You should set a calendar reminder to update the authentication token before it expires.

Selecting data from tables

Once you have created and authenticated a connection, you can select and load data from a data source. Click ± to open the Select data to load dialog. The data selection and load process is similar for all data sources.

Do the following:

  1. Select a table from the Tables column
  2. Enter the table parameters.

    Required parameters are marked with a *.

  3. Click Data preview to see a sample of your data and to select the table fields that you want to load.

    You can choose individual fields by selecting the box beside each field name or you can select all table fields by selecting the box beside the table name.

  4. Click Insert script to add the script to your Data load editor.

  5. Repeat the steps to add data from other tables.

Tip: When you click on a table, you will find a short description on the type of data that is returned when you run that table.

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