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Data model viewer

View the data structure of the data that you have added to your app in the data model viewer, and view metadata about the tables and fields.

Click Data model viewer under the Prepare tab in the navigation bar to open the data model viewer.

Data model viewer

Data model viewer.


Previewing data and viewing metadata

Click a table or a field in the table, and then click Preview to open the Preview panel.

See: Previewing tables and fields in the data model viewer

Creating dimensions and measures from fields

Click Preview to open the Preview panel, select a field, and then click Add as dimension or Add as measure.


Data model viewer tools
UI item Description
Collapse Collapse all tables to show the table name only.
Reduce Reduce the size of all tables to show the table name and all fields with associations to other tables.
Expand Expand all tables to show all fields.
Scatter chart Internal table view - the Qlik Sense data model including synthetic fields.
Data model Source table view - the data model of the source data tables.
Grid View Layout menu with the options Grid layout, Auto layout and Restore layout.

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