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Calculated Formulas

In the property dialogs of the QlikView sheets and sheet objects, there are a number of properties allowing fixed text labels or fixed numbers. These are typically used as labels, window titles, chart titles and in some cases as fixed numeric limits.

For many of the property entries mentioned above, it is possible to enter a calculated expression rather than a constant text or number. This feature is called calculated formula. Wherever a calculated formula can be used, this is indicated on the relevant place in this documentation.

Entering a Calculated Formula

Calculated formulas are entered according to the following syntax:

= expression

For the syntax of allowed expressions, see the section below.

The equal sign in the first position of the entry indicates that the remainder should be interpreted as an expression. QlikView will try to evaluate the expression. If this is not possible, e.g. because of incorrect syntax, the entire label including the equal sign will be displayed.

Calculated formulas can also be generated in the Edit Expression dialog which opens when clicking on the ... button beside the edit box.

Edit Expression Dialog

Error Messages

If a calculated formula cannot be correctly evaluated by QlikView, the formula itself will be returned, followed by two slashes and an error message.


= mode(x) //out of object memory

Each calculated formula requires a certain amount of memory. In order not to use excessive memory, a limit on the allowed memory allocation for each calculated label has been put in to the program. If you enter a too complex expression, QlikView will return the expression followed by the error message “// out of object memory”.

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