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Qlik NPrinting is the enterprise class solution for report distribution in QlikView and Qlik Sense environments.

Qlik NPrinting creates and distributes reports using QlikView documents or Qlik Sense apps as data sources.

Qlik NPrinting Server

The Qlik NPrinting Server consists of the following components services:

  • Qlik NPrinting scheduler service
  • Qlik NPrinting repository
  • Qlik NPrinting web engine
  • Qlik NPrinting messaging service
  • Qlik NPrinting audit service

All of these services are installed automatically on a single server when you install Qlik NPrinting Server.

Qlik NPrinting scheduler service

The Qlik NPrinting scheduler service does the following:

  • distributes jobs among available engines
  • prioritizes jobs
  • delivers reports
  • schedules jobs

If the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service is restarted, jobs restart from the point where they were stopped.

Qlik NPrinting repository

The Qlik NPrinting repository service stores all the data necessary for Qlik NPrinting to work properly. This includes: users and their roles, report metadata, connections, and filters. The Qlik NPrinting repository realizes the persistence of data by using a database server in the background.

Qlik NPrinting web engine

The Qlik NPrinting web engine service manages user authentication and authorization based on user roles. See: Creating users

Qlik NPrinting messaging service

The Qlik NPrinting messaging service manages communication between the Qlik NPrinting Server and Qlik NPrinting Engines.

Qlik NPrinting audit service

The Qlik NPrinting audit service writes audit logs to the Qlik NPrinting audit database.

Qlik NPrinting Engine

Qlik NPrinting Engines produce reports based on information received from the Qlik NPrinting scheduler service. Each Qlik NPrinting Engine is multi-threaded to benefit from multi-channel CPUs. You can install multiple Qlik NPrinting Engines on different computers to distribute the workload and create a high-availability reporting system. You can only install one Qlik NPrinting Engine per computer.

Qlik NPrinting front end

The Qlik NPrinting front end consists of the following components:

  • Web-based user interface
  • On-Demand
  • NewsStand
  • Qlik NPrinting Designer

Web-based user interface

The web-based user interface is used by administrators and users. It can be accessed via any supported web browser. For information about which browsers are supported, see Supported browsers and apps.


On-Demand report generation allows users to request reports without waiting for the next scheduled generation. See: On-Demand reports


NewsStand is a web portal that allows authorized users to view, download, and subscribe to reports.

Qlik NPrinting Designer

Qlik NPrinting Designer is a desktop application that allows developers to create and manage report templates. It is launched from the web console.

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