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List templates

GET /templates

List all integration templates in your SaaS Admin account. Integrations can be created in the SaaS Admin backend. Integration templates can be instantiated inside a customer account, in order to activate the integration for this account.

Template fields:

  • guid
  • name
  • icon: full URL
  • icon2: full URL
  • icon3: full URL
  • description
  • status: live, hidden or coming soon
  • has_setup: true/false, true if the template has a Setup flow
  • has_settings: true/false, true if the template has Settings flow
  • isbundle: true/false, bundles are templates that have sub templates (listed in sub_blends)
  • sub_blends: array, only set if isbundle is true
  • groups: array, list of categories to which the template belongs
  • activation_url: link to the Setup UI, to setup the integration



"guid": "efd28140-7b14-11ea-b6dd-51b60ed0b692",
"name": "MS Dynamics",
"icon": "",
"icon2": "",
"icon3": "",
"description": "",
"status": "live",
"has_setup": true,
"has_settings": true,
"isbundle": true,
"sub_blends": [
    "guid": "efd28140-7b14-11ea-b6dd-51b60ed0b693",
    "name": "MS Dynamics to ACME",
    "icon": "",
    "icon2": null,
    "description": null,
    "short_description": null,
    "isbundle": false,
    "has_setup": true,
    "has_settings": true,
    "status": "hidden",
    "sub_blends": [],
    "groups": [],
    "activation_url": ""
"groups": [],
"activation_url": ""



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