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Delete datasource in account

DELETE /accounts/{account_externalid}/datasources/{datasource_guid}

Delete a datasource (connected application) in a customer account. A datasource cannot be deleted if it is still in use, which means there is an active automation inside the customer account that uses blocks of the same connector.

Path Parameters

Name Description Type
account_externalid - string
datasource_guid - string




  "error": "This datasource cannot be deleted because it is in use.",
  "blends": [
      "guid": "30f2f6c0-9443-11ea-9bae-a98aa7398bba",
      "name": "Widget #61",
      "description": null,
      "type": "widget",
      "status": "live",
      "state": "available",
      "run_mode": null,
      "has_setup": false,
      "setup_complete": true,
      "has_settings": false,
      "isbundle": false,
      "template_guid": null,
      "admin_url": "",
      "icon": "/img/blendricon.png",
      "icon2": null,
      "icon3": null,
      "created_at": "2020-05-12T11:24:49.000000Z",
      "updated_at": "2020-05-12T11:24:49.000000Z",
      "last_run_at": null

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