Get last run of an integration (blend) in account

GET /accounts/{account_externalid}/blends/{blend_guid}/lastrun

Get most recent run (job) of an integration (Blend) in a customer account. Used to get the health status of an integration.

If the blend_guid is a Bundle, it will not return data. Instead, loop over the Blends in the Bundle, and get the last run for one specific Blend or all Blends in the Bundle, in order to determine the health status of the Bundle.

Note: you can only use the Blend guid in this endpoint, not the Blend name.

Path Parameters

Name Description Type
account_externalid string
blend_guid string



    "guid": "",
    "status": "",
    "context": "",
    "schedule_starttime": "",
    "starttime": "",
    "stoptime": "",
    "created_at": "",
    "updated_at": ""