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Install template

POST /templates/{template_guid}/install

Add an integration (automation) in a customer account, based on a template. This will create an instance (automation) of the template in the account, and activate the schedule from the template (if any).

template_prevent_duplicates (optional): if set to true, no duplicate instance will be created for the same template, instead the same instance will be updated. Note that the input parameters (inputs) are taken into account to determine duplicates. An instance with other input parameters will not be considered a duplicate. This allows installing e.g. an instance where project=A and a second instance where project=B.

Query Parameters

Name Description Type
template_prevent_duplicates - boolean

Path Parameters

Name Description Type
template_guid - string

Body Parameters

Name Description Type Required
account account.guid or account.externalid string Yes
inputs Syntax is similar as in /accounts//blends//set-persisted-inputs json No
datasources - json No


  "account": "123456798",
  "inputs": {
     "input_param1": "some value",
     "input_param2": "some value"
  "datasources": [






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