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Creating your first app

The app is at the core of Qlik Sense. An app is loaded with data, and the visualizations in the app allow you to explore the data. You can also share your app with your colleagues.

But first, you have to create and build your app.

Creating a basic app

This section describes how to build a basic app using some sample data.

Preparing the data

All apps need data. We have supplied some sample data for you to use when following the steps in this section. You can, of course use your own.

If you want to use the sample data, expand the section below, and copy the whole table, including the column headings, into an empty Excel file on your computer.

Creating the app and adding a visualization

  1. Start Qlik Sense.

    For more information, see Starting Qlik Sense and Starting Qlik Sense Desktop.

  2. Create an empty app.

    For more information, see Creating an app.

  3. Add data to the app by dragging and dropping your data (Excel) file to the hub or into the empty app.

    For more information, see Adding data to the app.

    If you are adding data from a single table, Sheet will open.

  4. Create a sheet.

    For more information, see Structuring an app using sheets.

  5. Add a visualization to the sheet. For example, you could: 

Building a more advanced app

If you want to build a more advanced app, there are a number of things you can do.

  • You can create structure in your app by adding more sheets, where each sheet has a specific purpose.

    For more information, see Structuring an app using sheets.

  • You can create reusable items that are easy for you and others developing the app to reuse in your own visualizations.

    For more information, see Reusing assets with master items.

  • You can bookmark important findings, and add text descriptions and thumbnails to apps, sheets, and stories to help others who use your app understand its purpose and how best to use it.

    For more information, see Managing apps.

Discovering with the app

You can now start using the app for data discovery and analysis.

To learn more about interacting with visualizations, see Exploring data with visualizations .

Sharing the app with others

If you want others to use and explore your app, you must first publish the app.

To learn more about publishing apps, see Publishing

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