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Comment field

Provides a way of displaying the field comments (metadata) from databases and spreadsheets. Field names not present in the app will be ignored. If multiple occurrences of a field name are found, the last value is used.


comment [fields] *fieldlist using mapname

comment [field] fieldname with comment


The map table used should have two columns, the first containing field names and the second the comments.


Argument Description
*fieldlist A comma separated list of the fields to be commented. Using * as field list indicates all fields. The wildcard characters * and ? are allowed in field names. Quoting of field names may be necessary when wildcards are used.
mapname The name of a mapping table previously read in a mapping LOAD or mapping SELECT statement.
fieldname The name of the field that should be commented.
comment The comment that should be added to the field.

Example 1:  


mapping LOAD * inline [


Alpha,This field contains text values

Num,This field contains numeric values


comment fields using commentmap;

Example 2:  

comment field Alpha with AFieldContainingCharacters;

comment field Num with '*A field containing numbers';

comment Gamma with 'Mickey Mouse field';

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