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The Unqualify statement is used for switching off the qualification of field names that has been previously switched on by the Qualify statement.


Unqualify *fieldlist


Argument Description

A comma separated list of the fields for which qualification should be turned on. Using * as field list indicates all fields. The wildcard characters * and ? are allowed in field names. Quoting of field names may be necessary when wildcards are used.

Refer to the documentation for the Qualify statement for further information.

Example 1:  

In an unfamiliar database, it is often useful to start out by making sure that only one or a few fields are associated, as illustrated in this example:

qualify *;

unqualify TransID;

SQL SELECT * from tab1;

SQL SELECT * from tab2;

SQL SELECT * from tab3;

First, qualification is turned on for all fields.

Then qualification is turned off for TransID.

Only TransID will be used for associations between the tables tab1, tab2 and tab3. All other fields will be qualified with the table name.

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