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Publishing an app from the hub

You can publish an app that you have created to any stream to which you have publish access. If you have published an app to a stream, you can move your app between streams to which you have publish access.

When you publish an app to a stream, the app is added to that stream. A link to that app is also added to Published and marked with Stream to indicate the app is in a stream. This enables you to keep track of your published work and perform tasks such as moving or duplicating a published app more easily. When publishing an app, you can also add or remove app properties created by your Qlik Sense administrator to your app. For information on app properties, see Managing app properties.

When you publish an app or move a published app between streams, the sheets and stories of the app will become available to the other users that have access to the stream that your published app belongs to.

It is recommended that only the developer publishes their own app to ensure it is not published while still under development. If an app is published by accident, it may start to comply with the load balancing rules designated for published apps. As a result, the developer loses access to the app. To regain access, the developer needs to log out and log back in, as this action will reset the load balancing rules and potentially restore access based on the new session evaluation.

Information noteThe Variables overview is not available in published apps. If you need to add or change variables in an published app, use the variable input control available with the Dashboard bundle. For more information, see Variable input control

A published app can only be deleted from the QMC. For more information, see Publishing apps from the QMC.

Warning note To avoid exposing restricted data, remove all attached files with section access settings before publishing the app. Attached files are included when the app is published. If the published app is copied, the attached files are included in the copy. However, if section access restrictions have been applied to the attached data files, the section access settings are not retained when the files are copied, so users of the copied app will be able to see all the data in the attached files.

Do the following:

  1. In Work in the hub, right-click the app and do one of the following: 

    • Select Publish.
    • Select Move.
  2. Select the stream you want to publish the app to, in the Stream name drop-down list.

    Information noteThere is no drop-down if you only have access to one stream.
  3. Type a name in the App name field (optional). The field displays the name of the app you selected from the hub.

    Information noteIt is possible to publish many apps with identical names in a stream. Qlik Sense will indicate when there are published apps with the same name in a stream.
  4. If you want to add app properties, click Manage, select app properties, select the values, and click Apply.
  5. Click Publish or Move.

The published app is now in the selected stream. An entry for the published app is added to Published that links to the published app in its new stream.

If you publish or move an app into a stream they are currently viewing, they will be notified and can update the app list for their stream.

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