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Publishing is a way to share the content of an app. You publish an app to a stream.

Those who have access rights to a stream can analyze data by interacting with the visualizations in the app.

You can also publish an app to a collection, making it available to users outside of your Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment.

Typically, you publish an app when you have stopped working on the design. Designing an app includes creating the visualizations, and organizing the presentation of the app. You can republish a published app to update it with new content.

When you publish an app, it is locked. Others cannot edit your published sheets and stories, but they can use them to interact with and analyze the data. New sheets and stories can be approved for inclusion in the public sheets and stories of a published app. This enables the collaborative design content in a published app.

In Qlik Sense Enterprise, your administrator can publish apps from the Qlik Management Console. The owners of an app can also publish their apps from the hub and move their published apps between streams. All published apps are evaluated by distribution policies set up by your Qlik Sense administrator. These policies determine whether or not the app will be distributed for consumption in a Qlik Sense Enterprise cloud hub.

Additionally, in Qlik Sense Enterprise, reports can be distributed from Qlik NPrinting to the Qlik Sense Enterprise hub. A link to a QlikView document can also be published in the Qlik Sense Enterprise hub.

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