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Republishing an app from the hub

After you publish an app to a stream, you may need to make changes to the base content of the app without removing the app from the stream.

For example, you might want to continue working on and improving an already published app without losing the community and private content in the published app. To republish an app, you need to duplicate your published app. The duplicate app contains a link to the original app. You then make your changes to the duplicate app and republish it back to the same stream as the published app.

All content in the base section is overwritten with the content from the duplicate when republishing. Content in the original app, such as private and community sheets and stories, are kept when you republish an app.

You can also republish an app from QMC.

For more information, see Republishing apps from QMC and Replacing apps from QMC.

  1. In Work, right-click the duplicated app and select Publish.
  2. Select Replace the existing app.
  3. Click Republish.

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