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ReplaceAppFromID method

Replaces objects of a target app with the objects from a source app. The list of objects in the app to be replaced must be defined in qIds.

Information note

The data model of the app cannot be updated.

Information note

This operation is possible only in Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Information note

The operation is successful if qSuccess is set to true.


Name Description Mandatory Type

Identifier (GUID) of the target app. The target app is the app to be replaced.

Yes String

Identifier (GUID) of the source app. The objects in the source app will replace the objects in the target app.

Yes String

QRS identifiers (GUID) of the objects in the target app to be replaced. Only QRS-approved GUIDs are applicable. An object that is QRS-approved, is for example an object that has been published (for example, not private anymore). If an object is private, it should not be included in this list. If the array of identifiers contains objects that are not present in the source app, the objects related to these identifiers are removed from the target app. If qIds is empty, no objects are deleted in the target app.

Yes Array of String


Name Description Type

<true or false>


Access Control


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