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CreateSessionAppFromApp method

Creates a session app from a source app. The following applies:

  • The objects in the source app are copied into the session app but contain no data.
  • The script of the session app can be edited and reloaded.
  • The name of a session app cannot be chosen. The engine automatically assigns a unique identifier to the session app.
  • A session app is not persisted and cannot be saved. Everything created during a session app is non-persisted; for example: objects, data connections.


Name Description Mandatory Type

App identifier of the source app. It corresponds to qAppId returned by the CreateApp method when creating the source app.

Yes String


Name Description Type

<Identifier of the session app>


{ "qType": "Doc", "qHandle": <Handle of the session app> } The identifier of the session app is composed of the prefix SessionApp_ and of a GUID.


Access Control


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