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GetInteract method

Retrieves information on the user interaction that is requested by the engine. Engine can request user interactions only during script reload and when the reload is performed in debug mode ( qDebug is set to true when using the DoReload method ). When running reload in debug mode, the engine pauses the script execution to receive data about user interaction. The engine can pause:

  • Before executing a new script statement.
  • When an error occurs while executing the script.
  • When the script execution is finished.

To know if the engine is paused and waits for a response to an interaction request, the GetProgress method should be used. The engine waits for a response if the property qUserInteractionWanted is set to true in the response of the GetProgress request.


Name Description Mandatory Type

Identifier of the request. Corresponds to the identifier of the DoReload request.

Yes Integer


Name Description Type

Information to set up the user interaction. Indicates which kind of interaction is wanted.

qReturn Boolean

Access Control


See also

InteractDone method

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