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Using Sense APIs

Use Qlik Sense APIs to work with and create Qlik Sense apps.

Information noteIf you plan on using capability APIs to build custom visualizations, mashups, or extensions, consider using the nebula.js open-source library available on NPM instead. nebula.js is a collection of JavaScript libraries, visualizations, and CLIs that helps developers build and integrate visualizations on top of Qlik's Associative Engine. For more information, see nebula.js.

Build your first mashup, and extension for Qlik Sense Enterprise. Get to know the tools and plugins to make your creation process easier and faster. Explore how you can do more with Qlik Sense Enterprise APIs.

Perform automated tasks, embed Qlik Sense content in web pages, or work directly with Qlik data using APIs.

You can use APIs in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, or in cloud environments like Qlik Sense SaaS.

Build, configure and deploy mashups

Create a basic mashup displaying content from a supplied Qlik Sense Enterprise app.

Get started building mashups

Get started using Dev Hub

Build visualization extensions

Create and build your first visualization extension.

Get started

Get started using Dev Hub

Create connectors

Create and build custom connectors with QVX SDK.

Build Windows applications

Create and build Windows apps containing Qlik Sense Enterprise content with the .NET SDK.

Automate administrative jobs

Automate jobs like creating and triggering tasks, applying licenses and uploading extensions.


Watch these videos to get you started on mashups, extensions and templates.

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