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What's new in Qlik Sense November 2020

Augmented analytics

Business logic

A robust business logic layer provides the ability to create business rules and metadata to customize and guide the behavior of Insight Advisor when generating insights and interacting conversationally with users. It includes the ability to logically group fields, classify data, specify default behaviors, define preferred relationships, and more. Users can create calendar periods to define how measures should be filtered, aggregated, and compared based on preferred time frames. Natural language processing can also be customized, including defining vocabulary rules and synonyms for more natural interaction.

Customizing Insight Advisor with Business logic

Defining fields and groups

Setting logical model scope with packages

Creating drill-down analysis with hierarchies

Applying behaviors to logical models

Defining analysis periods with calendar periods

Creating vocabularies for Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor Chat

Insight Advisor Chat is our next-generation, fully conversational analytics experience native to Qlik Sense, available in the Qlik Sense hub. It is driven by our cognitive engine and uses natural-language processing and generation (NLP and NLG) to understand user intent and generate both narrative and visual responses to questions. It works across Qlik Sense apps and allows people to transition directly to in-app, search-based visual analysis for deeper exploration. Released in September on SaaS, it is now offered as a licensed, value-added product for Qlik Sense on Windows, replacing Qlik Insight Bot. The Windows version supports integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Configuring Qlik Insight Advisor Chat in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

Exploring apps with Insight Advisor Chat

K-means Clustering - Expanded Functionality

K-means clustering on-board the Qlik Engine was released in September. This function allows data points to be grouped into clusters based on similarity. It’s a highly useful function for customer segmentation, fraud detection, and many other use cases.

In this release, we have improved our KMeans functions with auto-clustering support. When a user sets 0 for the number of clusters, an optimal number of clusters for that dataset is calculated. This enhancement builds on Qlik's advanced clustering capabilities.

KMeans2D - chart function

KMeansND - chart function

KMeansCentroid2D - chart function

KMeansCentroidND - chart function

Insight Advisor visualization alternatives

Insight Advisor now offers alternative visualization options for results generated in search-based analysis, helping to ensure your data is displayed in the most useful and meaningful way. In addition, users will have more chart types to choose from when they view alternatives within Insight Advisor analysis.

Insight Advisor analysis types

Visual analytics and usability improvements

Images in Custom Tooltips

Users can now load custom images in tooltips for more styling options. They can feature an image from the media library or reference one by a URL. This offers further flexibility and enhanced options for app development, as images are a great way to provide additional context when hovering over an object.

Tooltip images

Copy sheets between apps

Users can now copy sheets between apps to improve productivity for power users and application developers. This is a highly requested feature from our customer base, as it drives faster insights across the organization.

Copy measures between objects

Another feature to speed app development, users can quickly copy measures between charts. This is a small, but powerful feature enhancement that drives faster insights within an organization.

Other chart improvements

  • The ability to hide disclaimers in charts; a user can now decide whether the disclaimer for additional data points should be visible or not.
  • Increased measure limit in the Waterfall chart, which now supports 50 measures instead of 15.
  • Extended functionality in table mini charts, including others, and null.

    Adding a mini chart to a measure

Usability look and feel

A new modern Qlik Sense theme for better-looking apps. It introduces a modern look and feel with clean styling options for color and font selections, ensuring apps have a fresh appeal by default and are consistent with the Qlik brand.

Changing the default app theme


Extended app distribution from Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed to SaaS spaces:

  • New "Test Connection" button to easily test cloud connections.
  • Use of local bearer token when creating new deployment in multi-cloud setup console.
  • Improved navigation for app distribution status and policies, now within a cloud distribution section.

    Cloud distribution

    App distribution status

  • New link to multi-cloud setup console in QMC.


Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed updates to support the latest mobile OS releases (iOS14 and Android 11) for Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed and Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry.

System requirements: Qlik Sense Mobile Client Managed

System requirements: Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry

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