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What's new in Qlik Sense November 2022

This section provides Qlik Sense administrators a summary of the new administrative features and improvements available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

Administrators should also review the Release Notes before beginning an upgrade or update process. You’ll find the release notes in the Qlik Community.

Information note

Business users, analytic creators, and data integrators should review the What’s New section in the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows documentation set.

Qlik Sense developers should review the What’s New section in the Qlik Sense for Developers documentation set.

Data and platform

Improvements to navigation in the hub

Certain options in the Qlik Sense Enterprise hub have been re-arranged for a better user experience. The user profile icon has been moved to the top right corner in the toolbar. Clicking on this icon will open up the global menu with the following options:

  • Profile: Click the icon at the top of the menu to view your user ID and directory.

  • Client authentication: A Qlik Sense administrator can allow users to authenticate their client against Qlik Sense. This item is not enabled by default. For more information, see Configuring client authentication.

  • Dev Hub: To learn more, see Dev Hub.

  • About: Access your license agreement, version information, and third-party software information.

  • Help: Redirects to Qlik help documentation for your Qlik Sense version.

  • Privacy Policy: Learn more about how Qlik manages privacy in its products.

  • Log in: If you are using Qlik Sense as an anonymous user, you can log into your account.

    This option will only be available if your administrator has allowed users to use the Qlik Sense deployment anonymously. For more information, see Anonymous authentication.

  • Log out: If you have logged into your account, use this option to log out.

  • The hub

Duplicate tasks in QMC

QMC users with the appropriate permissions can now duplicate reload tasks.

Duplicating tasks

Custom banner messages

QMC administrators can now publish custom banner messages in the hub. Use banners to notify users about upcoming announcements or important information. Four types of banners are supported—Standard, Information, Warning and Error. Use the default duration setting (10 seconds) or set a custom length of time for the banner to display in the hub.

Using custom banner messages

Refresh license definition in QMC

Use the new Refresh license definition button in the QMC to update the license definition of a signed license key with any license changes. A new License definition last updated field shows the timestamp when the license definition was last updated.

Refreshing the license definition

Persist custom configuration files during upgrade

Now you can retain custom configuration files from your current deployment during the upgrade process.

Considerations about custom configurations

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