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What's new in Qlik Sense November 2021


Partial reloads for scheduled reloads

You can now use the partial reload option for scheduled reloads in the QMC. Partial reloads have several benefits compared to full reloads:

  • Faster, because only data recently changed needs to be loaded. With large data sets the difference is significant.

  • Less memory is consumed, because less data is loaded.

  • More reliable, because queries to source data run faster, reducing the risk of having network problems.

Editing tasks

New host for satellite tiles

Due to API changes at our satellite tile provider, the host that is used for fetching satellite background data will change from to .

The switch took place on December 7, 2021 and should not be noticeable to most users. However, customers who restrict domains with their firewall will need to allow this new domain after the transition. Maps using satellite as the base map will not work until the port is opened for the new domain.


Improvements to the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows installer

The installation flow has been improved. It now also supports:

  • Setting the listening port during installation.

  • Configuring the QRS connection pool size.

Installing Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows on a single node

Installing Qlik Sense in a multi-node site

Show license information in QMC when using a signed key

With a signed license key, license information can now be viewed in the QMC.

Site license

Allow for SCRAM encryption

Adding support for SCRAM encryption as part of the QRS.

Database security

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