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Creating vocabularies for Insight Advisor

You can create vocabularies for Insight Advisor. This allows you to define synonyms for Insight Advisor and define analyses to be used with specific terms.

You create vocabularies in Vocabulary under Business logic in the Prepare tab. Vocabularies help improve the success of natural language queries. For example, you can use vocabulary to:

  • Add alternative names for fields, master items, and values.

  • Define names for coded values.

  • Define the Insight Advisor analysis type to be used with certain terms or queries.

Vocabulary supports two kinds of vocabulary:


Vocabularies have the following limitations:

  • Vocabularies are not supported in associative insights.

  • Vocabularies do not support creating terms for fields classified as dates.

  • The following words are reserved for use in Qlik Sense and cannot be used as a vocabulary term:

    • App

    • Application

    • Dimensions

    • Dim

    • Measure

    • Msr

  • Insight Advisor does not lemmatize or stem vocabulary terms. For example, if the term is open, a query using opened or opening will not be treated as having entered open. Similarly, if the term was opened, open and opening would not be recognized as the term.

  • If a vocabulary term also exists as a field value, and a query includes the field containing that value and the shared term, Insight Advisor won't use the vocabulary term and will uses the field value instead when processing the query as the query included the field.

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