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IterNo - script function

This script function returns an integer indicating the current iteration within a while clause. The first iteration has number 1. The IterNo function is only meaningful if used together with a while clause.


IterNo( )

Examples and results:  


   IterNo() as Day,

   Date( StartDate + IterNo() - 1 ) as Date

   While StartDate + IterNo() - 1 <= EndDate;



[StartDate, EndDate

2014-01-22, 2014-01-26



This LOAD statement will generate one record per date within the range defined by StartDate and EndDate.

In this example, the resulting table will look like this:

Results table


1 2014-01-22
2 2014-01-23
3 2014-01-24
4 2014-01-25
5 2014-01-26

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