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Report Editor: Report settings dialog

In this dialog you will find global (non page related) settings for the report. The dialog has four pages.

The Settings Tab

This Settings contains basic properties of the report:

Report properties
Property Description
Name Name of the report. This may be any text string. The name may be given as a calculated formula for dynamic update.
Report Id The unique ID of the report. Upon creation, every QlikView layout entity, including reports, is assigned a unique ID for control via Automation. The ID by default consists of a combination of letters defining the type of entity, as well as of a number. The first report of a document will be assigned the ID RP01. An ID may be changed to any other string that is currently not used for any other report, sheet object, sheet, bookmark or alert in the document..
Comment This is a commentary field where the creator of a report can describe the purpose of the report or any details with regard to the report. It is not used outside of this dialog
Preferred Paper Size In this drop-down you can specify the size of paper intended for the report. The proportions of the selected paper size will be reflected in the page preview pane. If the report is ultimately printed on another paper size than the one the report was designed for, QlikView will attempt to adjust the report contents by means of zooming the print objects to fit the new paper size.
Conditional Show

If this check box is marked, the report may be dynamically shown or hidden depending on the value of a condition expression entered in the edit box to the right. The condition expression will be evaluated each time the list of available reports is generated. The report will only be available when the condition returns true. Users with ADMIN privileges for the document can override all show conditions with the Show All Sheets and Sheet Objects in the Document Properties: Security dialog. This command can also be invoked by the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S.

Document Properties: Security

The Margins Tab

The Margins tab contains margin settings for the report. The controls are the same as for the Layout page of the Print dialog.

The Header/Footer Tab

The Header/Footer tab contains header/footer settings for the report. The controls are the same as for the Header/Footer page of the Print dialog.

The Selections Tab

This Selections contains settings for the selections to be used when printing the report:

Selection settings
Setting Description
Initial Selections These radio buttons allow you to state the initial selections for the report print. Regardless of which setting you use, the selections prevailing before the report print will be re-established after the print.
Current Selections Use current selections as the basis of the report print (default).
Clear All All current selections in the document will be cleared before printing the report. After completed printing, the original selections will be re-applied.
Current Selections A bookmark, which can be selected in the drop-down box will be applied before printing the report. After completed printing, the original selections will be re-applied.
Loop Report Over Possible Values in Field When this check box is marked, the entire report will be printed repeatedly while selecting each possible value in the field specified in the drop-down box below. If there are no possible values in the specified field, nothing will be printed. After completed printing, the original selections will be re-applied. If page numbers are used, these will be continuous over all pages printed.

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