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Trends by tasks

The Trends by Task dashboard plots key performance and activity metrics for the given time frame, according to task. Trends for the top 10 tasks will be displayed based on the selected Rank By metric. If necessary, narrow your filter set to investigate a specific set of tasks.

Below each chart, you can toggle to view the trending data by hour, by day, by week, by month, or by minute. For the specified filters, the Trends by Task dashboard displays the following charts:

Server utilization

The Server Utilization section contains the following graphs:

  • Average Memory - The average memory consumed by each task.
  • Average Disk Utilization - The average disk space utilized by each task.
  • Average Task CPU - The average CPU (as a percentage of server CPU) consumed by each task.

Full load

The Full Load section contains the following graph:

  • Average Throughput - The average target throughput (in rec/sec) for each task.

Change processing

The Change Processing section contains the following graphs:

  • Total Applied Changes - The total number of applied changes for each task.
  • Average Target Throughput - The average target throughput (in rec/sec) for each task.
  • Average Apply Latency- The average apply latency (in seconds) for each task.
  • Total Change Volume - The total COMMIT change volume for each task.

Data errors

The total number of data errors for each task, including both Full Load and Change Processing tasks.

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