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This section describes the prerequisites for working with the Enterprise Manager Analytics module.

Install PostgreSQL

Enterprise Manager Analytics data is stored in a PostgreSQL database. Therefore, prior to using Enterprise Manager Analytics, make sure that PostgreSQL 12.16 or later is installed either on the Enterprise Manager machine or on a machine that is accessible from Enterprise Manager.

For your convenience, the PostgreSQL setup file is included with Enterprise Manager. If you would like to install PostgreSQL on the Enterprise Manager machine and did not do so during the Enterprise Manager installation, you can find the PostgreSQL installer in the following location:


For instructions on installing and maintaining PostgreSQL, refer to the PostgreSQL Help.

Create a dedicated database and assign the required privileges

  • Create a dedicated database and user in PostgreSQL that will own the tables accessed by the Enterprise Manager Analytics module.
  • Recommended: Create a dedicated tablespace for the Enterprise Manager tables and allocate it as the default tablespace for the Enterprise Manager database.
  • The Enterprise Manager user will need ALL PRIVILEGES on the Enterprise Manager database.

Configure connectivity to PostgreSQL

Configure connectivity to the PostgreSQL repository as described in Repository connection settings.

Set up data collection and purging from PostgreSQL

Configure data collection and purging settings as described in Analytics - Data collection and purge settings.

Register a license

A Replication Analytics license is required in order to use Analytics. If no license is detected, a Register License message will be displayed in the main Analytics tab.

If you have a license, you can register it by following the procedure described in Registering a license.

Information note

If you do not intend to use the Analytics feature, you can hide the main Analytics tab by clicking the Hide Analytics Dashboards link in the Register License message.

Obtaining a license

Information note

The procedure below does not apply when installing Enterprise Manager in a High Availability Cluster. To obtain a Replication Analytics license for Enterprise Manager in a High Availability Cluster, you must provide your Qlik Sales Representative with the following information, depending on which Windows version the cluster is running:

  • Windows Server 2016: The official cluster FQDN.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2: The FQDN of each of the cluster nodes and the official cluster FQDN.

If you do not have a license, you can obtain one as follows:

  1. Copy the Enterprise Manager machine name from either of the following locations:

    • The Register License message that is displayed in the main Analytics tab.
    • The bottom of the Licenses tab in the Settings window.
  2. Request a license from your Qlik Sales Representative, making sure to include the Enterprise Manager machine name in your request.


Make sure that the PostgreSQL port (5432 by default) is open for outbound communication.


If the PostgreSQL database is installed on the Enterprise Manager server and there are less than 1000 tasks, then the Enterprise Manager hardware guidelines should be enough for the PostgreSQL database as well.

If you wish to install PostgreSQL on a different server, then the following minimum system requirements are recommended:

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 10 GB disk space database tablespace

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