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Working with versions

Each time the the automation is executed, a version of the automation is saved to the changelog.

Access the changelog from the Overview section. The changelog is available from the vertical three dots icon button.

Automation changelog

the changelog option on overview section

The changelog

The changelog shows a list of automation executions and when they were executed. Each entry is saved as a JSON object that represents the automation.

Information note

The changelog does not save the output of each block in an automation. Instead it saves the automation as a JSON object that you can use to restore previous versions.

Automation changelog view

changelog view showing a single saved execution

Restore a previous version

To restore a previous version, copy the automation and paste it onto the automation canvas. Then replace the current automation with the previous version.

Here is an example using a simple automation:

Simple automation

A simple automation with input and output block

  1. Copy the previous version using the clipboard icon on the changelog page.

  2. Go to the Editor section.

  3. Right-click the canvas, then click Paste blocks.

    Canvas with two versions of the automation shown

    Information note

    The restored blocks are incremented with a number and they are not attached to a start block.

  4. Replace the current blocks with the restored blocks.

    An automation with the restored blocks

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