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Qlik Application Automation limitations

This page describes platform limitations for Qlik Application Automation.

General limitations

The following limitations apply to all automations.

Screen width

The recommended minimum width for working with Qlik Application Automation is 640px.

Automation executions (runs)

Platform limitations for automation executions

Metric Limitation Notes
Maximum runs per month Determined by Qlik license

For detailed information about your license metrics, see Product Description for Qlik Cloud® Subscriptions. Administrators can view license information and monitor the number of automation runs in the Management Console. For more information, see Monitoring resource consumption.

Maximum number of concurrent runs 1 run per automation
10 runs or more per tenant, as determined by your organization's Qlik Cloud license.
When concurrent limits are reached, new runs are queued.
Maximum run duration Determined by block limitations -
Maximum memory consumption during run 256 MB Memory limitation mostly affected only when processing very large data sets.
API call timeout 55 seconds API pagination is used to reduce API query timeout.
Call URL timeout Configured by the user Configured on the block with the Max automation execution time setting.
Custom code block maximum execution time 14,400 seconds (4 hours) -
Maximum API calls Rate limit of 300 calls per minute API calls include triggered automations.

Automation execution time

Platform limitations for automation execution time

Metric Limitation Notes
Maximum execution time for manual automation runs 4 hours This includes manual executions that are started as test runs, either from the automation editor or from the automation overview page.
Maximum execution time for triggered automation runs 55 seconds (async = false)
4 hours (async = true)
Maximum execution times for webhooks 15 minutes -
Maximum execution time for scheduled automations 4 hours -

Automation history

Platform limitations for automation history

Metric Limitation Notes
Maximum number of automation logs 5000 per automation
500 MB per automation
Oldest logs are deleted when limits reached.
Automation history retention 30 days -
Maximum size for each run log 100 MB Log is truncated if limit exceeded.
Maximum size of state for each run log 1 MB per block
5 MB per block across all block executions
Maximum 200 list items.
State is truncated if limit exceeded.

Automation blocks

Platform limitations for specific automation blocks

Metric Limitation Notes
Custom code block Python, JavaScript, and PHP supported The custom code block does not support including libraries. See custom code block for more information.
Variable block Variables stored in memory To persist data or process large datasets, use a database or cloud storage.
List blocks Full list loaded in memory Use loops to process large lists. Use iterators to avoid loading everything into memory.
Qlik Reporting blocks Limitations are imposed by the Reporting Service API Qlik APIs

Additional Limitations

In addition to the limitations listed above, the following limitations apply to specific types of automations.

Scheduled automations

Platform limitations for scheduled automations

Metric Limitation
Minimum schedule interval 30 seconds
Maximum schedule interval 30 days

Triggered automations

Platform limitations for triggered automations

Metric Limitation Notes
Maximum payload size
POST to the automation
32 KB -
Maximum incoming triggers Maximum rate limit 300 triggers per second
Maximum 200 queued triggers
Response code 429 = rate limit exceeded
Response code 400 = queue is full

Native webhook automations

Platform limitations for native webhook automations

Metric Limitation
Maximum payload size
POST to the automation
32 KB
Maximum incoming events Maximum rate limit 20 events per second
Maximum 1,000 queued events

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