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Call URL block

The call URL block calls a URL, typically from an API.

call URL block

An call URL block is commonly used in following situations:

  • When an automation needs data from a URL.
  • When an automation sends data to a URL.

Configuring a call URL block

Configure the call URL block to interact with a URL.


The call URL block requires a valid URL of an API, an HTTP method, and an optional timeout value.


The URL filed is required and must include the full path URL.

Call URL block input menu

Call url block input settings

The supported HTTP methods are:

  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST

Parameters and headers

You can add parameters and headers to your URL as needed.

Information note

When you use the GET method, these parameters are added to the query string. For all other methods, parameters are added to the POST body.

Call URL parameters options

parameters for call url block

Tip note

To see the raw JSON, click the Raw input toggle.

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