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Loop block

The loop block iterates over items in a list. All of the blocks inside a loop are executed until the items in the list are finished, or some other condition stops the loop.

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A call URL block is commonly used in following situation:

  • When an automation needs to process list items one by one.
Information note

Some connector blocks output a list and have built-in loop functions. You don't need to use a loop block for these connector blocks.

Configuring a loop block

Configure the loop block to iterate over items in a list.

Tip note


The input for a loop block is a field mapping of a preceding block that contains a list.

Loop over items of list

Click the Loop over items of list field to show to available field mappings.

Loop block inputs

iterate over items loop block settings

Placeholders to access the item in the loop and the index

The input of the loop block should be a list. Inside the loop you can use the placeholder { $.loop.item } to reference the current item from the list that is being used.

Information note

To see the raw formula for placeholders, see Working with field mapping.

Loop inputs raw formula

part of automation showing a loop and formula to access item


The placeholder { $.loop.index } can be used to get the index of the current item, starting with 0 for the first item (0, 1, 2, 3...).

Iterate over keys of an object

You can iterate over the properties of an object with key value pairs. In this case the placeholder { $.loop.item } will give you the value of each property, and { $.loop.index } will give you the key of each property. These placeholders should only be used inside the loop.

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