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FirstGen XML: Extensible markup language overview

Qlik Catalog XML ingest employs XSD (XML Schema Definition) language to specify the structure and data types within XML for dataload environment preparation. XSD files prescribe how to link tag values from input XMLs to create metadata and validate the XML against the XSDs. Enterprise clients that have accrued data resources through Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures require this flexible and efficient XML ingest capability where specific entities and fields for custom datasets can be selected.

XSD: XML schema documentation

Files that validate and enforce the schema of the XML structure are called XSDs. They function similarly to FDL for flat files or Copybooks for definition of Mainframe sources. XML files may contain multiple elements with the same name; namespaces are a way to distinguish XML elements with the same name from one another. When elements have the same name, a prefix corresponding to a namespace can be added to distinguish them while grouping related elements under a common label. One XSD is typically generated for each namespace.

Users can generate their own XSDs from the XML files (or XML example documents to infer a schema). Once generated, XSDs are uploaded simultaneously with the XML filepath. There are several open source API tools available for XSD generation; Trang.

is one such application (Trang JAR file download).


Once the downloaded Trang folder is unzipped, Change Directory (CD) to that folder from the command line. XSDs are generated and saved in the same directory through the following command syntax, for example: C:/Users/Anne/Desktop/trang>java -jar trang.jar test.xml nameit.xsd where the XSD is named upon generation and saved to the same folder.

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