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Copy, paste, import & export automations and change logs

Right-mouse menu in automation editor

Inside the automation editor, you can use right-mouse click to open the edit menu.

Right-Click on the canvas:

The edit menu that appears when right-clicking on the canvas.

The edit menu that appears when right-clicking on the canvas. It has the following commands: Run, Save, Close, Paste Block(s), Collapse all blocks, Download Workspace, and Upload workspace.

Right-Click on a block in an automation:

The edit menu that appears when right-clicking on a block.

The edit menu that appears when right-clicking on a block. It has the following commands: Test Run, Disable block, Edit comment, Duplicate block, Copy block, Copy block with attached blocks, and Remove.


You can copy one block to the clipboard, or copy a block with all its attached Blocks. You can paste in the same automation, in another automation and even in another customer account.


You can use Download/Upload workspace to save the automation to a json file, and upload it in another automation. Make sure to right-click somewhere in the canvas and not on a specific block in order to see this menu option!


You can view the change log of an automation, outside of the automation editor. On the homepage of an automation, open the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select Changelog:

Accessing the Changelog menu.

The homepage of an automation. The dropdown menu in the top right is open. Is has the following options: Tags, Changelog, Copy, Debug, Change Owner, and Delete.

The Changelog will hold each previous version of the automation, as a JSON representation, under the key Blocks.

Rollback an automation to a previous version

Use the icon Copy to clipboard to copy a previous version of an automation to the clipboard:

Copying an automation to the clipboard.

A automation's changelog screen. At the top right, the image of a clipboard is selected. Mouse-over text reads: Copy to clipboard.

You can now use the above right-mouse Paste function to paste this version inside an existing automation, or inside a new empty automation.

Changelog via SaaS API

The automation changelog is also available via the SaaS API.

The SaaS API is available as a connector, this allows you to build a maintenance automation that will sync all versions of your automations to e.g. Github, as part of your CI/CD process.