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  • Instance: an instance of the Qlik Application Automation for OEM platform, e.g. the EU instance.
  • Provider / SaaS Admin: an account for SaaS companies under which they can manage customer accounts
  • Account: a customer account (or tenant) under which datasources are defined and automations are running. Each account is assigned to one specific Qlik Application Automation for OEM instance.
  • Connector: Qlik Application Automation for OEM has a wide range of connectors to cloud applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Dynamics, etc.
  • Datasource: a specific connection to a cloud application (connector), using the credentials of a user (e.g. API key or oAuth).
  • Automation: one workflow (also called a widget in the SaaS API) using building blocks from connectors and generic building blocks (loops, conditions etc.).
  • Job: one run (execution) of an automation.
  • Bundle: a group of automations. A bundle can be a template or an instance of a template in an actual user account.
  • Template: an integration (automation or Bundle) that can be activated for one account. The template will be copied to the customer account, which means an instance of the template will be created.
  • Hub (Market place): front-end for SaaS companies to publish templates.
  • Embedding: integration of the Hub using an iframe in the UI of the SaaS platform.
  • SaaS API: API for SaaS companies to manage customers, templates, automations, runs, etc.