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Installing Qlik Alerting for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows is unbundled to make the install as flexible as possible. We have not bundled the NodeJS nor MongoDB database components into the installer to ensure that you can setup the process as you need to for your organization. For example, you may have an enterprise version of MongoDB running on another server and wish to re-use that resource rather than install another instance locally for Qlik Alerting.

The main prerequisites for an installation are:

  • A Windows server that meets the minimum requirements as identified in the prerequisites page.
  • An install of MongoDB, locally or on another server.
  • Administrator access to the server to update firewall settings.
  • Administrator access to the server to install Qlik Alerting.
  • A Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows site with a license key that includes the Qlik Alerting license attribute.

Follow the steps in Installation prerequisites to ensure you are prepared to install Qlik Alerting.

Once these prerequisites are complete you can install Qlik Alerting and go through the setup process as documented in Qlik Alerting installation

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