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Managing alerts

There are three main types of alerts in Qlik Alerting; data alerts, system alerts and broadcast notifications. All users with access to the Qlik Alerting web portal will have access to data alerts but only Admin users will have access to system alerts and broadcast notifications.

Data alerts

Set alerts on the data in your Qlik Sense applications with simple or complex conditions that ensure you can create alerts to be notified exactly when you need to be. This includes a complex rules engine which allows multiple conditions, comparing with the history of previous scans and/or comparing with the data in the application, with the power to set conditions in steps to enable filtering by measures and other features that cannot be done directly in Qlik Sense.

System alerts

Set notifications to let users know when applications have reloaded, failed or are simply taking more time than expected. This is a powerful tool to enable owners of applications to ensure things are up-to-date. Be notified of problems as they happen rather than get surprised when users let them know that their applications are not updated.

Broadcast notifications

Keep your users up-to-date with the latest news with formatted notifications which can be sent directly and/or repeated on a schedule. Use them to notify of system downtime, new applications, user group reminders and any other business that people need to know about. All the notifications you have sent can be re-activated and edited to send again making is simple to re-purpose your old notifications.

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