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Welcome. Your success is our success.

As Qlik® Chief Customer Officer, it is my great pleasure to personally welcome you to Qlik! Watch Video.

Our Customer Success team is committed to your long term success. The resources and access to experts provided below are designed to help you get the most from your journey with Qlik.

If you have any feedback during your onboarding journey, contact us via customersuccess@qlik.com

Best regards,

Roberto Sigona
Chief Customer Officer

Five Easy Steps to Get on Board with Qlik Sense

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Prepare for Success with Qlik’s Continuous Classroom


Get Started (for Qlik Sense users)

Before we begin, it's important to understand we offer a self-service online platform called the Qlik Continuous Classroom, designed to provide the knowledge that's right for you, anytime, anywhere.

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Qlik Sense® Overview


A Quick Tour of Qlik Sense

Discover the various views for building and interacting with apps. Using a configured example, follow-along with the video. Learn the various views and icons with each step of the tour. When you have finished, you will have a map that you can download and refer to as you become familiar with the Qlik Sense environment.

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Qlik’s Associative Difference

The innovative Qlik Associative Engine was designed specifically for interactive, free-form exploration and analysis. All data is brought together and fully indexed to find all the possible associations in the data, across all your data sources.

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Creating Simple Apps


Create a Simple App

Ready to get hands on and build your own app? Load data and develop sheets using a variety of techniques to create charts. Next, interact with the app and capture insights with bookmarks and snapshots. Finally, create a story from your insights.

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Data Load Basics

Compare the options for loading data into a Qlik Sense app. See how Qlik Sense identifies fields in different tables as key fields and creates associations between tables, so that you can seamlessly create visualizations using values from different tables in the data model.

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Foundations of Building Visualizations

Let’s create beautiful charts! Through this learning experience, you will configure one each of the many chart types available in Qlik Sense. As you work, you will pick up basic knowledge and skills for creating visual representations of your own data.

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Step by Step Process to Create an App

Review what you’ve just learned with this high-level overview of the 8 steps for creating a Qlik Sense app.

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Continue your Learning Journey

Let's strengthen your new Qlik Sense skills with important Data Literacy topics and foundational terminology.


A Culture of Data Literacy

Learn about data literacy, data culture, and their roles and importance in today's world.

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Introduction to Data-Informed Decision Making

Data-informed decision-making is important. Explore the process to transform information into actionable and verified knowledge to ultimately make business decisions.

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Data-Informed Decision Making Framework

Explore the recommended steps in decision-making and investigate models and tools that can help.

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Fundamentals Terminology

What is a dimension?

What is a measure?

What is an expression?

What is an aggregation?

What is concatenate?

What is a variable?

Demo The Art of the Possible

Twitter Analysis - Airlines

Retail Sales

Workforce Management

Live Webinars & Events

Live Webinar

Welcome to Qlik

Join the "Welcome to Qlik" webinar and learn about the Qlik Ecosystem, such as Communities, Support, Continuous Classroom and Qlik Help.

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Live Webinar

Get started with Qlik Sense

Join Mike Tarallo in this fast-paced webinar where he’ll teach you the basics of creating analytics; while demonstrating the value of Qlik’s unique capabilities.

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Live Webinar

Support Techspert Thursdays

The best time to solve a problem is before it becomes one. You’re invited to our monthly support webinar. We present on important Qlik topics, you ask questions, experts give answers.

  • The third Thursday of every month
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Qlik Community

Collaborate with over 60,000 Qlik technologists and members around the world to get answers to your questions, and maximize success.

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Qlik Continuous Classroom

Access Qlik’s training platform for self-service learning anytime, anywhere. Choose what, how and when you want to learn for all skill levels.

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