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Data load editor

Create and run data load scripts from the data load editor, and create connections to data sources. When you have loaded the data it is available to the app for analysis.

Click Data load editor under the Prepare tab in the navigation bar to open the data load editor.

Data load editor

Data load editor, with the Main section selected and displaying the default SET statements.

Scripts can also be generated when you load data using the data manager. However, if you need to use complex script statements, you need to create the script manually in the data load editor.

See: Loading and transforming data with scripting

Creating connections

Click Connections to open the Data connections panel. Click Create new connection add a connection to your script.

See: Connecting to data sources

Creating and editing scripts

Write your script code in the script editor. Each script line is numbered and the script is color coded by syntax components.

Script editor tools
UI item Description

Search and replace text in the script.

Comment / Uncomment Comment/uncomment.
Indent Indent code.
Undent Outdent code.

Activate syntax help mode. In help mode you can click on a syntax keyword (marked in blue) in the editor to access detailed syntax help.

Undo Undo the latest change (multiple step undo is possible).
Redo Redo the latest undo.

Click Create new to add a script section. The sections are executed from top to bottom.

Click Debug to debug the script.


Running scripts

Click the Load data button to run the script. A dialog open to display the progress of the data load and any messages that are generated. Additionally, you can click the Output button to view the output.

See: Run the script to load data

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