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Developing apps for the Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app

Use the Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app to download and open Qlik Sense apps developed in Qlik Sense Enterprise. Consider the information below when developing or adapting an app for the Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app.

This documentation also applies to Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry app. Qlik Sense Mobile for BlackBerry is the Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile application running on iOS and integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.

Information noteFunctionality is limited for developing Qlik Sense apps using Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile.
Information noteTo develop an app, connect to a server and work on the online version of the app.

Complexity and size of the app

Consider the size and complexity of the app. The Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app runs on a device with much lower CPU performance and available memory compared with a computer using a web browser to connect to a Qlik Sense Enterprise server.

We recommend that you test the app carefully in the Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile app before you publish it for consumers of the app. Perform tests on a device with system specifications that match those of your app consumer. Tests should include the following:

  • Download the app
  • Open the app
  • Make selections in the data

When the download of a Qlik Sense app is requested from the server, if the app is not ready for download in 90 seconds, the download is aborted.


You can use extensions in your Qlik Sense app. The extensions are downloaded to the mobile device together with the app.

Extensions that require access to online resources will not work when there is no network connection. When there is a network connection, the extensions will work when the app is in online or offline mode.


  • Server-side extensions are not supported.
  • Section access

    You can use section access to control which data is available to the user. As the data is dynamically reduced, the user still needs to download the entire app.

    Managing data security with Section Access

    Information note

    If you are locked out of an app after setting section access in Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile, open the app without data in a browser, and then edit the access section in the data load script. You must have access to edit and reload the data load script.

    Opening an app without data


    Qlik Sense Client-Managed Mobile does not support using OMIT.

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