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Navigating Insight Advisor

Click Insight Advisor in a open sheet to open Insight Advisor Search and Insight Advisor Analysis Types.

Insight Advisor is available from the sheet view of an app. Click the Insight Advisor button to open Insight Advisor.

Information note

Insight Advisor is not available when a sheet is in edit mode.

Insight Advisor button

The Insight Advisor button for opening Insight Advisor.

From Insight Advisor, you can start generating analyses with Insight Advisor Search or Insight Advisor Analysis Types.

Insight Advisor

The Insight Advisor button for opening Insight Advisor.

Enter a question or select fields from the assets panel to start creating analyses with Insight Advisor Search. Click Create an analysis to start building analyses with Insight Advisor Analysis Types. You can also select from the common analysis types to start with Insight Advisor Analysis.

Insight Advisor assets panel

In Insight Advisor Search, you can create queries by selecting fields and master items. In Insight Advisor Analysis Types, you can select fields and master items to use in your analysis.

If the app is published, only master items are available.

Insight Advisor assets panel

Insight Advisor assets panel.

Insight Advisor search box

You can also access Insight Advisor Search by entering a natural language question in the search box.

Search box

The search box in an app.

You can enter your search here, either by entering asset names or using natural language. If you used a natural language question, you can click Info to view the filters generated from your question.

Insight Advisor analyses

These are the charts created by Insight Advisor. Insight Advisor Analysis Types shows the primary chart for your analysis type, with alternative chart types for your analysis beneath. Insight Advisor Search indicates the number of results and breaks them down as follows:

  • How many results are found.

  • How many charts already exist in your sheets.

  • How many charts are newly generated by Insight Advisor.

Analyses generated by Insight Advisor

Analyses in Insight Advisor.

Insight Advisor charts can be added to existing or new sheets. Charts can also be downloaded as an image, PDF, or as an Excel spreadsheet containing the data used in that chart.

Using Insight Advisor analyses

Properties panel

The properties panel contains options for editing analysis and changing the precedents you have set in Insight Advisor.

Properties panel in Insight Advisor

Properties panel in Insight Advisor.

In General properties, you can view and edit your charts and the precedents you have set for generating analysis. For more information, see Managing general properties.

In Analysis properties, you can edit an analysis and view details. You can see the Analysis type used to create the chart. Click Help to learn more about the analysis type used. For more information, see Editing Insight Advisor analysis properties.

Insight Advisor Analysis Types parameters

When using Insight Advisor Analysis Types, you select the parameters for your analysis. You can select from the assets panel or from the recommendations for each parameter type.

Parameters for Insight Advisor Analysis Types

Properties panel in Insight Advisor.

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