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Table format

The table format is a file specifier for the LOAD statement that defines the file type. If nothing is specified, a .txt file is assumed.

Table format types
Type Description

In a delimited text file the columns in the table are separated by a delimiter character.

Delimiter is


In a fixed record file, each field is exactly a certain number of characters.

Typically, many fixed record length files contains records separated by a linefeed, but there are more advanced options to specify record size in bytes or to span over more than one line with Record is.

Record is

Information noteIf the data contains multi-byte characters, field breaks can become misaligned as the format is based on a fixed length in bytes.
dif In a .dif file, (Data Interchange Format) a special format for defining the table is used.
biff Qlik Sense can also interpret data in standard Excel files by means of the biff format (Binary Interchange File Format).
ooxml Excel 2007 and later versions use the ooxml .xslx format.
html If the table is part of an html page or file, html should be used.
xml xml (Extensible Markup Language) is a common markup language that is used to represent data structures in a textual format.
qvd The format qvd is the proprietary QVD files format, exported from a Qlik Sense app.
qvx qvx is a file/stream format for high performance output to Qlik Sense.

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