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Header is

Specifies the header size in table files. An arbitrary header length can be specified through the header is specifier. A header is a text section not used by Qlik Sense.


header is n

header is line

header is n lines


The header length can be given in bytes (header is n), or in lines (header is line or header is n lines). n must be a positive integer, representing the header length. If not specified, header is 0 is assumed. The header is specifier is only relevant for table files.


This is an example of a data source table containing a header text line that should not be interpreted as data by Qlik Sense.

*Header line Col1,Col2 a,B c,D

Using the header is 1 lines specifier, the first line will not be loaded as data. In the example, the embedded labels specifier tells Qlik Sense to interpret the first non-excluded line as containing field labels.

LOAD Col1, Col2 FROM 'lib://files/header.txt' (txt, embedded labels, delimiter is ',', msq, header is 1 lines);

The result is a table with two fields, Col1 and Col2.

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