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Quotes is a file specifier for the LOAD statement that defines whether quotes can be used and the precedence between quotes and separators. For text files only.


no quotes


If the specifier is omitted, standard quoting is used, that is, the quotes " " or ' ' can be used, but only if they are the first and last non blank character of a field value.


Argument Description
no quotes Used if quotation marks are not to be accepted in a text file.

Used to specify modern style quoting, allowing multi-line content in fields. Fields containing end-of-line characters must be enclosed within double quotes.

One limitation of the msq option is that single double-quote (") characters appearing as first or last character in field content will be interpreted as start or end of multi-line content, which may lead to unpredicted results in the data set loaded. In this case you should use standard quoting instead, omitting the specifier.

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